Creates emotions. On- and offline


Cozy and efficient.
But mostly cozy.

Everything is faster. Not least the way we communicate, which makes time more important than ever. Tiden måste spenderas effektivt. That’s why Bästa Kompisar focuses on efficiency. We believe in the collective power of having everything gathered in one place. No slow decision-making or hassle with subcontractors – just competence, idea, strategy, production, and analysis working together under one roof. With no time to waste.

At the age of seven he sold bicycles and today he sells effective communication. He founded Bästa Kompisar in 2008, and with a focus on radio and sound, steered the BK-ship with a lot of heart and commitment. And even though Bästa Kompisar has changed into a full-fledged full-service supplier since then, the heart and commitment remain.

Don’t judge him for the time he ate a living frog. However, you are welcome to judge him for the way he eats a kiwi – with the shell on. Despite his judgment, he is a key player at the agency. With an incredible passion and solution-oriented mindset, he elevates every film project to greatness and pride.

Magnus Åkesson


With a cool brain and a warm heart, she moves comfortably between both analysis and content. Strategically accomplished and with a natural talent for branding, she creates both soft and hard values – internally and externally. With a background as a model with the world as her playground, founder of a beauty brand and previously as Growth Guide at Ridgeback.

Tina Mohlin


At the intersection between France and Spain is San Sebastian, between hard liquor and fine wine is Madeira and between creativity and strategy – Dag. With extensive experience from both the agency side and as a marketing manager, he is the link between agency and client, between culture and business.

Dag Westerberg


The book is getting long now. The one about the talent who takes the step as an employee via internship. And the latest chapter is already a reader favorite. Meet Hugo Christoffersson, Content Creator. With an aptitude for communication in general and design, animation and technology in particular, he’s already a solid, reliable and really nice piece on both the film and agency side. Thank you, we say to Hugo. Go ahead, we tell our customers.

Hugo Christoffersson


With the phone as her weapon and the car as her tool, she drives around the trickly trails of Skåne to spread her gospel about Bästa Kompisar: beautiful, smart, and efficient communication. Her energy, charm and knowledge are hard to match and impossible to resist. She will call. She will come. You will learn her name.

Sarah Stjärnberg


With one foot in a Birkenstock and the other in a sneaker, Gustav personifies the tormented creator. Why his desk is cluttered with everything from binoculars to a lone drumstick, no one knows, but one thing is for sure – his sharp lines of copy are loved by our clients. About as much as he himself loves cats.

Gustav Thunander


If you were to describe her with a single word, “talented” would be it. Two words then? How about “talented” and “experienced”? Since the debut at Bästa Kompisar, we can add new words and superlatives every day. Nevertheless, words are not enough to describe what she brings in terms of creativity and business advantages – both for us and for our clients.

Sanna von Gertten


She has her roots in Småland and is trained in both Sydney and Gothenburg. What she lacks in ergonomic talent, she makes up for in aesthetics when she is bent over her desk and shapes and creates the entire visual identity of our clients. She does it with talent, finesse, and hard work. And above all – she does it with gusto.

Amanda Asplund


If he were a celebrity, he’d be Bill Murray, but semi-cool and skinny. Mostly for the way he brings the dead to life with his eminent coloring skills, like a kind of reverse Ghostbuster. And for how he lifts the mood in the office with his mischievous sense of humor. If you need help with visual effects, you know who to call.

Martin Ling


Her path to us has been bumpy, but now we have finally managed to find something good with Kristianstad: Märta. As a child she was on stage with Phil Collins and Björn Skifs, as an adult she is a producer at Bästa Kompisar. We know where we prefer her. We know where our clients prefer her. And it’s not on stage.

Märta Wållgren


Niklas Strandquist


In every sentence lives a drama, in every paragraph a journey and in every text a solution to the customer’s challenge. It’s not more difficult than that when Nina holds the pen. Because it is with the pen as weapon of choice that she dissects briefs, eats them up and spits them out in formidable formulations, competent concepts and imposing posts. Enough with the alliteration, in with the star. Because she is a star and a star on the way up.

Nina Björkmyr


A company needs skilled employees. Good vibes. And above all – a “chispa chilena” – a Chilean ball of fun. Young at heart and charismatic like no other, Coke dances into the office and works wonders in the production where he visualizes and cuts with Swiss precision. And does wonders for the atmosphere – like a true Bästa Kompis.

Jorge Orellana


“It’s the outside that counts,” he usually mutters to himself in front of his screens. And we agree with him — it’s the outside that counts. It will be too beautiful. Smooth and functional as well and when it comes to frontend development he is our best. His name is Philip, but like Peter LeMarc, we take liberties with first names and call him completely sonically Plip. Do it too!

Philip Anlander


She is determined. Meticulous as well. But above all, she is talented. Gifted in form, color, and texture – and perhaps that is what makes her the most physical graphic designer in the history of Swedish advertising. It is cut, it is pasted, and it is folded. Her ambition and graphic accuracy are a professional asset, her personality is a social one.

Victoria Larsson


With his strategic expertise, it is perhaps no surprise that Joel is the only one in the agency with a military background. With one hand on the keyboard and the other inside the vest, he maneuvers Bästa Kompisar’s digital offering. SEO, CMS and other acronyms are his home base, but he also serves in social media and data analysis.

Joel Malmberg Persson


Somewhat frustrated with technology, usually with a profanity close at hand, he stands there in his studio and writes and composes music on behalf of our clients. Talented like no other, with a background as both bingo announcer and restaurateur to boast, Bästa Kompisar’s very own Quincy Jones helps clients with everything from jingles and sound identity to full songs.

Patrik Lorentzson


No one knows how long he has worked at Bästa Kompisar, but perhaps it is longer than the founders. He is often found in the studio, where he washes out audio gold with surgical precision; because it is precisely sound that is his home turf. Radio, sound production and everything in between – extras, casting, and scripts – are all under Patrik’s direction.

Patrik Wiberg