Vi berättar din historia. Med hjärta och hjärna


We tell your story. With heart and mind.


Because good communication never goes out of style.

What are you best at? Because it all starts with you. Based on you, we develop strategies for your brand. Then the real fun begins. In close collaboration with you, we decide which emotions the brand should arouse, which opinions should be influenced and how, where and when your brand should be seen. A good idea, sharp copy and attractive design will get you far, but it’s only when it aligns with your vision real success can be achieved.

In order for you to focus on what you do best, we let our designers, copywriters and strategists do what they do best – create emotions.

Bästa Kompisar is an advertising agency with expertise in every area that good, smooth and effective advertising requires. You can call us whatever you want – but we will always be an advertising agency. And an advertising agency must create and arouse emotions.


Bästa Kompisar have been doing just that for 15 years. And counting.

We are a lot of things. But first and foremost an ad agency.

Bästa Kompisar does a lot. We are a lot. In many cases we are a production company. Often we are sound and music producers. Sometimes illustrators. But mostly we are an advertising agency. And at a time where everything must be niched and specialized, the traditional advertising agency has re-named more modern, buzzier words things.

But let’s be honest – we are an agency with all that that entails. For us, it means using advertising to draw attention to, actualize and move a brand, to take it on a journey with a desired destination. Advertising for us is communication with film, copywriting, design, sound and music, digital and web. Simply put, all forms of communication – adapted to all channels.