An ad agency with all emotions under one roof.


Focusing on efficiency

Everything gets faster. Not least the way we communicate, which makes time more important than ever. That’s why Bästa Kompisar focuses on efficiency. We believe in the collective power of having everything gathered in one place. No slow decision-making or hassle with subcontractors – just competence, idea, strategy, production, and analysis working together under one roof. With no time to waste.

To push the boundaries, we work across them. Together, we work side by side, often intertwined, but always at the forefront – regardless of channel or media platform. We have done that for 15 years.

  • Advertising agency

    Who are you and how do you best tell your story? All successful communication starts with two things – self-awareness and strategy. Bästa Kompisar can help you with the strategy part. At your disposal, we place creative communication specialists in copy, film, music, and graphic design. Together with our business developers and strategies, we help your brand achieve effective, fun, profitable and emotional communication.

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  • Soundbranding

    How many of your decisions are made by logical thinking? Almost none. Of the 1000’s of decisions, big and small, that are made every day, most of them are emotionally driven. You are largely ruled by feelings and associations, and your emotions are largely ruled by music. Therefore, your brand must make a sound. It must have a sound and it has to use music. From our own sound studio, our musician and composer help your brand create stronger emotions and associations with music.

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  • Film production

    All brands need film. Film is communicatively superior to other forms of communication, and it is the fastest way to the heart and brain of your target group. Films create emotions, and Bästa Kompisar creates film. And we do it well.

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  • Digital and web

    Web production, app development or web application? No matter what digital needs your brand has, we offer you developers who straighten your digital question marks into exclamation marks.

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